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Vintage Blog

Vintage 2017

Added Thursday, 23/3/2017

The 2017 vintage is well under way and things are very busy in the winery. The Riesling, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Viognier and Merlot grapes have all been hand-picked and Brian is very happy with the fruit. It has all come through the growing season clean and disease free. Generally, the crops are light but the fruit picked,  has good intensity of flavour.  The reds have also produced excellent  depth of colour.


2013 Vintage Report

Added Tuesday, 30/4/2013

The 2013 vintage has been an excellent one – the best since 2005 according to Brian. The hot, sunny summer and long lingering autumn conditions have produced wonderful fruit. In all varieties, the fruit has been clean and ripe with excellent flavour development. The vibrant colour in the reds is truly exceptional. Watch out for some exciting wines from this vintage! The whites will be bottled and released later this year but for the reds, patience is required.

Are the grapes ready yet?

Added Wednesday, 27/2/2013

The 2013 vintage is almost upon us so Brian is closely monitoring the fruit. Each week and for each variety he

  • takes a representative sample from the vineyard,

  • measures the sugar content of the juice

  • measures the grape acidity

  • assesses the flavours in the grapes

The first variety that we will pick is sauvignon blanc, Based on today's assessment, it should be ready to pick in about a week's time.